Dimensioned 0.6.0

Dimensioned, the Rust library that I have written for compile-time dimensional analysis, has just reached version 0.6.0! This version change indicates a full rewrite of the library, and I think that it has made it much more usable.

I first started this crate before Rust had hit 1.0, and I fairly quickly realized that what I wanted was not possible. With the advent of associated types, it became possible, and two years ago I first announced its existence. It was really a proof of concept at that point; it was lacking in ergonomics and some pretty important features.

Today, I am excited to report that I believe it is more than a proof of concept, and is ready to be used.

Here are some notable changes:

If you have some time, check out the documentation, or the readme. I have tried to make these documents as clear and comprehensive as possible, but I am sure that I have failed in at least some ways.

Please feel free to submit an issue on GitHub or leave a comment on reddit or on the Rust user’s forum.